i can’t think of a better representation of beauty than someone

who is unafraid to be herself.

-emma stone


In today’s society it’s hard being a woman. We are expected to take care of children, take care of our business, manage a social calendar, be a good daughter, mother, friend, wife (okay it’s always a good idea to be good at those) and we are usually required to do it all with fresh hair, actual pants, and a big smile. Sometimes we want to just take a breather and be pampered while being reminded that we’re doing a darn good job.

We’re here to do both for you; enhance AND encourage. Whether you need those grey’s covered (ahem…what grey?), a blow out for the weekend, or summer sun-kissed locks we have a stylist and space for you. If you’re looking for longer, fuller hair to regain some confidence our team of extension experts can help; and if you need a glass of wine, some peace and quite, and a relaxing facial, we’ve got that as well.

no one gets to tell you how big your dreams can be.

-rachel hollis

Our heart is that this space truly becomes a place you look forward to visiting. We want everyone to feel welcomed, embraced + valued because you are the ones that make us successful and motivate us to do what we love. Our hope is that you feel inspired when you leave our salon.

We’re not here to change you or turn you into the newest reality star; we’re here to enhance you because you are already beautiful. Our dream is to empower all of our #mossbabes to go live in confidence knowing that even though life may not always be perfect, at least your hair can be.